Avidan's Mission

We were thrown into a world which we didn’t know how to navigate - with no idea which way to turn or where to seek professional advise. We recognised there is more that can be offered to parents experiencing situations similar to ours. If one positive can come out of our sons tragic passing, it will be that Avidan’s legacy is the creation of a ‘One Stop Shop’ to signpost or provide services that can make all the difference. Whether that’s organising logistical support or supplying packs with essentials for premature babies and parents. Through Camp Simcha, Avidan’s Mission aims to ensure parents are supported on every step of the journey. 


Avidan’s Mission was set up in February 2019 to support the funding towards Camp Simcha’s Special Care Baby Project.


Nathaniel and Avidan were little twin boys born to Gabriella & Eitan Freilich at 28 weeks. Following 110 days in hospital Nathaniel came home, a happy, healthy little child ready to bring his goodness to the world. His little brother Avidan unfortunately passed away at just five weeks old. But his mission

remained clear.

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